Why is my ex-boyfriend sending me mean text messages after an amicable break up?

by admin on February 24, 2013

After dating my ex-bf for three years, it was very obvious that it wasnt working anymore and I had fallen out of love with him. I ended things three months ago and I thought things ended amicably. We havent spoken in three months or seen each other. Then, on Friday night, I went out dancing with a girlfriend of mine. I didn’t see my ex-boyfriend anywhere, but I got a text from him that said "you are a F***ing SLUT". Then I kept getting calls from a random blocked number. I did not respond or answer the calls. I don’t understand why he would call me this. After being together for three years, I still care about him very much and respect him and would never say things like this about him. Why would he say this to me? I’m so hurt. I was doing so well at adjusting the being single again but it feels like this has set me back alot.

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SOY EL GRINGO BEBE February 24, 2013 at 12:20 pm

because he’s pissed off at you but he doesn’t have the balls to even call you. Text replaces the need for mature social skills, your ex is a puss.y

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