Why does my ex-boyfriend text me randomly?

by admin on April 30, 2013

2 years ago, I dated this guy from the Army for a month, which was a rushed relationship. When I say rushed, I mean for example: after a week of knowing and dating the guy, I stupidly said ‘I love you’ on accident. At the time, I was on birth control so my hormones were messing with my feelings and choices. This guy was only supposed to be a drunken hook-up but he ended up being my boyfriend. Anyway, that relationship of course went down-hill, my hormones were making me very sensitive and angry all the time and me and him were always arguing. It led him to suggest a ‘break’ between us. But I ended up finding out he was cheating on me so it turned into a break up. I easily moved on from that break up and found someone who treats me better. Conveniently enough, my ex-boyfriend was being shipped to Afghanistan for war. After a year, he came back. One night, he was having a house warming party with his army buddies and my bestfriend because she is dating my ex’s army buddy. He was very much drunk and texted me out of the blue. All I recall him saying is "I’m back, I’m about to get my own car and place" and "I think we should hang out sometime and catch up." Then when I was hanging out with my bestfriend, her bf and their army friends, I saw my ex. We ended up talking things over and having closure about what happened. He was very sorry about cheating on me and I am very much over it and at peace about it since it helped me find a better guy. But for some weird reason he tried to flirt with me a few times. I just kept my distance. This was 7 months ago. And now just recently, he tried texting me to "see how I was doing." and "hoped to not mess things up with my boyfriend." But I kept it short and told him my boyfriend isn’t comfortable with him talking to me. So he backed off for now. Why does he keep texting me out of nowhere like that? And saying such things and acting the way he does? And I know if he does text me again, I’ll ignore it.

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Shawn April 30, 2013 at 12:21 pm

He may want you back or he could be drunk and the alcohol is making him think to much and regret it so he wants to right the wrong….alcohol is a helluva thing

Tory April 30, 2013 at 12:21 pm

Reflect on the relationship you had with your ex boyfriend and ask a few questions to yourself. Was he sweet and kind? Did he neglect your feelings or hurt you emotionally, mentally or physically? You need to find out if he is really worth a second chance or someone you should never go back to.

Win your ex back and express your genuine feelings towards him by letting him know you truly miss him and he is always on your mind. If you ended the relationship, let him know you made a huge mistake and now realize he were a wonderful person that was perfect for you.

Bring up the good times the two of you spent together in the past. When he thinks of the fond memories of the relationship, he might consider taking you back.

Take things slowly so you can win his heart again by asking if you can become friends. If he agrees to, this should be your chance to explain yourself and talk about what went wrong in the relationship and the mistakes that turn the relationship sour. Your ex may definitely have something to say as he might explain how he felt about the failed relationship.

Ask if he does not mind hanging out sometimes. This is a great way to spend more time with him so you can ease your way back in his life as a girlfriend again. Visit places that you both used to go to so he can reminiscence about the days when the relationship was perfectly fine. If things go completely smoothly over time, go back to the first place you met him at and ask if he likes to be yours again.

Before making moves on your ex, make sure that he is not already taken. If he is, respect him and his relationship by staying out if it.

Making effort that you will be a better girlfriend shows your ex that you can be taken seriously and not playing games with his heart.

If you and your ex have mutual friends, find out how he feels about you.

Use the above tips, decide your action plan and have guts to show him that you actually loved him very much. He will be definitely yours. Good Luck. Have faith in yourself of making everything right and back into its place.


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