Should I text my ex boyfriend this? :/ please read?

by admin on February 25, 2013

We’re both juniors in high school and went out for two months. Basically, everything was amazing at first. But he decided to quit drugs (which I totally support, but he’s never told me of his decision to quit, I just know from a mutual friend.) obviously, it changed him a lot. I tried really hard to support him, even though I felt like I’d lost him. I felt like I was a huge burden, so a couple weeks ago we broke up because he bootycalled me on my birthday. The whole incident just brought up all the doubts and fears I had. So we broke up basically because he’s unable to be a good boyfriend. We did say we would keep talking to see what happens in the future.

Well, we’ve barely talked. I initiate everything, per usual. We don’t talk long. We’ve really only exchanged a few texts. But before school ended, I kept hearing from mutual friends that he still really likes me and misses me and wants to get back together. Since I haven’t talked to either of these people since school let out Thursday, I don’t know if it’s still true, especially because he’s on a band trip to Florida, which he returns from tomorrow.

I sent him this text earlier today:

I know this is kinda random, but I just wanted to see if you were doing good? I miss talking to you and being your friend (haha if not more), but mostly I just hope you’re happier. I’m guessing you don’t really wanna talk about it if you’re not, but if you want to, I’ll be here always, until you send me away. ¬†Anyways, I hope you’re loving Florida, or you loved it while you were there.

He didn’t text back, and so now I’m torn between worrying if he’s through with me, or if he’s seriously too depressed to text back. He’s not too busy, he’s texted me back on the band trip. So should I send a follow up text saying something along the lines of, "I just wanna see if if you’re happy or not, that’s all." I just don’t want to ask too much of him. :/

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Logan Jacobs February 25, 2013 at 12:20 pm

Leave the punk alone. He’s pouting and making you chase him. If he wants you make him come and get you.

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