My ex boyfriend just text me to tell me he cheated on me?

by admin on April 9, 2013

My ex dumped me a couple of weeks ago, he text me telling me that he cheated on me with this girl that i caught him calling and texting back in november (i had my suspicions yet he promised me nothing was going on) and hes told me now that he’s in a relationship with this girl cause we are due to go back to college and we all go to the same college (he said he wanted to tell me before i saw them walking around campus)
i feel sick thinking about them, i am really upset but i haven’t spoke to him because i am so angry.

what do i do if i see them together? he wanted to be friends but its obvious he is a liar, and most of our two and a half year relationship had been a lie. i never ever cheated on him, and i feel like i have been betrayed and that he never loved me in the first place.
i have exams coming up soon…how can i concentrate on my exams if i feel this depressed?

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Veronica C April 9, 2013 at 12:21 pm

He’s a jewel…

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