Confusing text with my ex boyfriend, please help me understand it. does he still want me back.?

by admin on December 28, 2012

okay so I dont really feel like explainign why we broke up but to sum it up, weve been having a rough time like he just confused me we kind got in arguements a lot and it was just weird. and confusing and he was stressed cause he will be going to college (even no its only 20 mins away from where I live..?) and idn just stressed about stuff and he said he needed a break from me for me for a week. and I broke up with him the day after and we were gona get back together but he never called when he said he would then I was pissed but heres the convo ( I sent it to my friends, so thats why our names out here)

So Phil called me but I missed his call so heres our txts

Phil: Hey can you call me back later tonight or sometime please

Ellen: no. I don’t really feel like talking to you anymore. sorry

Phil: Can u please just talk to me

Ellen: I wanted to talk to you last wends and thurs and this weekend but u didnt call when u said u would. im sick of it

Phil: Ellen listen to me my weekend was the worst weekend ive ever had ever n this is all just a huge misunderstanding n im really sorry that i hurt u but i really needed it n i still need u

Ellen: so you couldnt even cal me wends,thurs,friday,sat,sunday. like seriously. Im tired of hearing excuses.

Phil: Ellen listen k my parents werent even home n i didnt have this phone so can u please just talk to me

Ellen: home phone or friends phone. if you really wanted to talk to me ud fine a way to contact me. or atleast txt me from someones phone and say u cant talk cause u dont have a phone

Phil: O well im sorry ellen ok just..idk

Ellen: yeah u dont know. u should of been thankful i was gona give u another chance but u obviously didnt really want me back.

Phil: But ellen.. i never said i didnt want u

Ellen: oh I know u dont.

Phil: How

Ellen: I just no. u dont act like u do at all. and ive no u didnt for the past 2 1/2 months but I lied to myself and made up excuses but I no u dont.

Phil: u cant cuz your u and im me u have no idea how i feel

Ellen: well u can say u do. but action speaks louder then words. and u deff do not show it.

Phil: So.. its really over

Ellen: I guess so. I mean do u really wana be with me.

Phil: idk ne more u hurt me n michelle did too

Ellen: okay michelles not part of this realtionship. but what did she say and how did I hurt u. ur always the one hurting me and I always take it and give u another chace.

Phil: Just nvr mind

Ellen: phil… tell me. I dont even no what I did. stop leaving me confused all the time.

Phil: We will talk later ok cuz im just confused

Ellen: when will we talk. u always say we will.

Phil: Idk its hard w o ur own phone

Ellen: how long do u have ur brothers phone for

Phil: Not too much longer

Ellen: .. well im sorry phil for anything I said to hurt u. I never wanted to hurt u.

Phil: Me either

Ellen: I just get mad when im pissed and idn I thought u hated me. and I didnt no why today

Phil: idk we will talk wen we have time i gotta go

Ellen: ok… :-/
ahh someone answer haha
oh yeah btw. we just ecentally broke up like last week so its not like its been for a while and he just suddenly started talking to me.

its a looooong story
wait whoa whoa. I said action speaks louder then words not him!

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alexander w December 28, 2012 at 12:20 pm

.As he says action speaks louder than words.He’s also right in saying more effort is required on your part to make contact.He’s trying but his patience is just about run out

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